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One of the most popular programs at Barrack Heights Public School is clubs.

Every fortnight of a Monday morning, all students in K-6 and the ASPECT school participate in various activities offered by the staff. The teachers each decide on a club they would like to run, based on their interests. Students then nominate which club they would like to be in for a term, allowing everyone an opportunity to enjoy and engage in school.

Clubs offered by the staff may vary from term to term.

Term 1 clubs 2018

In Term 1, all teachers had the opportunity to suggest clubs that they would like to run. Their ideas were combined into the clubs listed below. Teachers were randomly allocated their club. The result has been some very interesting – and very fun – clubs.

  • Art Club
  • Dance Club
  • Farming Club
  • Girls Club
  • Lego Club
  • Playground Club
  • Summer Club
  • Technology
  • Walking

Past clubs

Other clubs offered in past terms have included: Cooking, Random Acts of Kindness, Animation, Clay, Movie making, Computer skills, Sport, Art, Macedonian and Turkish.