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Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support

What is it?

Positive Behaviour Support is our whole of school approach to teaching and reinforcing positive behaviours. PBS is used in all our mainstream and Support Unit classes, from Kindergarten to Year 6. The purpose of PBS is to teach and encourage the use of behaviours that align with the school’s values of ENGAGED, RESPECTFUL, and SAFE.

How it is used

Every classroom has an iPad that is used for ClassDojo. The school expectations and examples of positive behaviours are displayed in every setting around the school. When a student is engaging in a positive behaviour, behaviour specific feedback AND a ClassDojo points are awarded.

On the playground, Kudos cards are used in the same way that DojoPoints are used in the classroom. Again, behaviour specific feedback is provided before awarding student with a Kudos card.

Reinforcement menus are displayed in every classroom. When students reach a certain level of points, they have access to the reinforcers at that level. If a student reaches a new level of reinforcement, they are provided with the reinforcer they choose. Reinforcers should be given at the nearest convenient time that doesn’t interrupt the instructional flow of the lesson.

Key points on the PBS system:

  • Students are always provided with behaviour specific feedback before being awarded with a Dojo or Kudos card. This ensures they know exactly why they are receiving it.
  • Students must earn DojoPoints; therefore, behaviour specific feedback and reinforcement is provided after the student performs a behaviour.
  • Points are not to be taken away from ClassDojo.


Skye Ramsay Principal


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